This page features information for both homeschooling families and general support for math learning at home. I hope you find it helpful as a parent or as a teacher.

Reading Recommendations
For Parents:

For kids:
Secrets, Lies, and Algebra by Wendy Lichtman - for teens as the main character is 8th gr.
The Number Devil by Hans Magnus Enzensberger - recommended for ages 11+

10 Nonfiction Children’s Books That Humanize Mathematics - online article

Looking for some awesome, pre-printed supplemental activities to fit with your current curriculum and help make practice feel more like a game? 
Check out my grade level samplers and content centers. Click here!

We can all use some support for math learning at home. Check out my friend Glenna Tabor and her videos that support math learning at home. She has some great ideas! Subscribe to her YouTube channel by clicking the image below.
Tabor YouTube Channel

Could your student use another explanation of a concept or math idea? I highly encourage you to check out Khan Academy online. It is free and sometimes its good to have another person explaining. Plus students can watch as many times as needed and the video never gets tired lol.

Games, Apps, Lessons, and More - NCTM Illuminations

Lots of options at PBS Learning Media including video and game content to make math relevant, fun, and interesting.

Family Learning
Check out this fun Yahtzee idea on Place Value from Games4Gains.

Looking for ways to involve the family in math learning. Figure This from our national math council (NCTM) has a great index of family math challenges for all levels.

Personal financial literacy is a super important concept. While we include these topics in math curriculum, often it can be helpful to have more resources to teach kids about their financial health without math processes getting in the way. Check out my friend Keli who teaches kids all about personal finance. She has solutions for families with elementary and teen aged kids. The Smart Money Academy

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I'll also be soon starting a private group option where families or homeschooling parents can get special tips, ideas, or even help on-demand when you get stuck on a math concept and just need a little expert support. Plus everyone in the group can support each other with ideas of what's working (or not). 
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Who else to follow?
Math Cuts - here's a great video too on dividing decimals using models
Pam Harris - she's a guru at numeracy and numerical thinking

Parent Support
The Top 3 Facts Every Parent Needs to Know About Today's Math - YouTube video
The Best Math Practices for Teachers - while this one is aimed at math teachers I think its helpful for parents to also hear the reasons why the way we teach math today (as opposed to how you likely learned it) is important to know.

Websites of Interest
Build Math Minds by The Recovering Traditionalist
YouCubed by Jo Boaler and Stanford University
MathBits - lots of resources plus graphing calculator cheat sheets to help your student

Interesting other Tips
  • This is the shortcut in Word and PowerPoint to type in a fraction. When you press Alt = it brings up a box, then you type fraction as normal eg 3/8 and Word coverts it to Numerator over Denominator and on a MAC I've just been told it's Control =.
  • Great for exponents too. Alt = then in the box 3^2 gives you the correct display of 3 squared