See the choices below for all the ways you can get multiple activity packages.

Sampler Packs 

Sampler packages are designed with small settings in mind. Each sampler contains 1 set for 1 small group or station of many different activities. 

Some ways to use samplers include intervention settings, resource or other special instructional settings with small numbers, homeschool settings, review stations, or as stations/centers in a workshop model.

In some cases, activities included in each pack are adapted from the original to better meet grade-level expectations. While there appears to be overlap of activities between some grade-level samplers, in many cases the included cards and/or instructions are different to match the grade level specifications.

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TEKS Sampler/Review Kits 
These material sets are designed to offer a review solution or a complete set of course stations. Each contains multiple activities to review all the critical course TEKS. Just like a sampler, but better! Each provides an activity for all the state tested concepts in the course and can be used for routine instruction or is perfect for end of year review. Information on the included activity contents is attached at the bottom of the page. Currently we offer these Sampler/Review Kits for Grade 5, Grade 8, and Algebra I. 

Course Bundles are designed to offer a complete solution for a grade-level teacher by providing full packages of all activities aligned to all of the TEKS for a single grade level or course. The course bundle allows a teacher to package together with all activities for the course for a special discounted price based on purchasing them all separately. 

Bundle pricing is available on the Full Price List on the downloads page.

**Find FREE student-friendly station instruction cards for samplers and TEKS reviews for grades 3 & up along with recording sheets for the Gr 5, Gr 8, and Algebra Sampler/TEKS Reviews on the downloads tab