Frequently Asked Questions about Math Cut Ups®
Math Cut Ups are manipulative activities designed to help teach math concepts and/or process skills. Find Math Cut Ups that meet your curriculum needs by using the descriptions below each item in the catalog.

How do I use Math Cut Ups?

Teachers incorporate these manipulative activities as part of a lesson or use them to review information already presented. They are also used as assessments, individually or in small groups, and many teachers use them in tutoring or making "centers." Students can use their textbooks and other reference sources to find information to complete Math Cut Ups tasks successfully.

Are Math Cut Ups already cut up?

Math Cut Ups come printed in color on 8.5 X 11" cardstock, but they are not cut up. Teachers should laminate materials before cutting for longer durability.

How do Math Cut Ups come packaged?

Most Math Cut Ups titles by topic come with 10 sets of copies, all printed using color on cardstock so that pairs or small groups of students can be working on the same task at the same time. Games are packaged individually. *some exceptions exist-see individual activity for more details

What are sampler packages, content center sets, and bundles?

Sampler packages contain 1 single copy of many different activities instead of multiple copies of the same activity in the full-size sets. This way you have lots of centers or stations to use for reinforcing learning any way that works best for your students' needs. They are focused around a single grade level. 
Content center sets are mini versions of a sampler, with 1 copy of several activities included around a specific concept area, such as fractions. These will span a variety of grade levels. 
Bundles are another way of saying you want 1 of everything! I give a discount when you buy all the full-size packages available in a grade level. Just email.

Do Math Cut Ups come with a KEY for the teacher?

Each set comes with suggested uses. Some sets also include helpful background information and/or a KEY for the teacher, or self-checking clues for the students. Some sets do not have KEYS because the variations in answers are too diverse.

Can Math Cut Ups be copied?

Math Cut Ups are copyrighted materials. It is illegal to copy them.

Do Math Cut Ups come in electronic form for download?

Yes. All Math Cut Ups activities are also available for purchase in digital form through my Teachers Pay Teachers store. Click here to vist.

How should I store Math Cut Ups?

Teachers usually store manipulative pieces in small plastic bags or envelopes. A complete set for a class can be stored in a larger bag or file folder.

If several groups within my class are using sets of Math Cut Ups, how do I keep pieces from getting mixed up?

Teachers find it helpful to keep sets separated by writing the same number, letter, or symbol on the back sides of all pieces in the same set.

Will any additional titles be added to the catalog?

New Math Cut Ups are always in development. Please email your suggestions for new topics and check the catalog often for new items!

Are Math Cut Ups correlated to the TEKS or other standards?

Math Cut Ups are correlated to recently revised Mathematics TEKS for grades K-12. Please see our Correlations page.

Do you take school purchase orders?

Math Cut Ups can be purchased by cash, credit card. or purchase order. Integral Mathematics is ready to become an approved vendor in your school district and can furnish a sole source document, W-9, CIQ or any other paperwork your purchasing department requires. Just email us at

What are your policies on payment, shipping, cancellations/returns, and defects?

While policies are not glamorous, we do have them! See the attachment below for these types of questions.
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Mar 13, 2019, 2:35 PM