Math Cut Ups are available in both pre-printed packages and in printable electronic form and can be purchased online or directly.  Some Math Cut Ups activities include a digital (google) version as well that can be used with district technology.

See the purchasing guidelines attached at the bottom of this page for details about all these options and use the links below for purchasing.

Buy Pre-Printed Math Cut Ups online in my Square Store!

*Note the Math Cut Ups pricing list on the downloads tab for reference

or Visit my Teachers Pay Teachers store for electronically available options 
See the Full List with Prices for all the Math Cut Ups activities available for ordering.

See list of available Math Cut Ups with digital version included

Submit Orders by mail to:
Kelli D. Mallory, Ed.D.
Integral Mathematics, Inc.
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Phone orders: 214-471-5760
Fax orders: 888-332-9244

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Payment Methods:
Send a district or campus Purchase Order (PO) with an order form via fax, mail, or email.

Pay online using a credit card. We take Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, and Discover on the Square Market page. Click the link above.

Buy at a conference using cash or credit card. See where to find us at an upcoming event by scrolling down. There's information on the left side of the screen about conferences.

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