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No matter what math you teach, or how many students you work with, I provide ready to use, engaging, hands-on activity materials for learning and practicing math concepts.

Math Cut Ups Activities include print + digital materials

Math Cut Ups are card-based, small group activities designed around a mathematics topic or concept. Print packages include all the color & cardstock printed materials you need for a whole class to engage in learning, plus a digital version using a Google application to extend learning beyond the classroom.

Ready-made so you have time for other things!

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STAAR TEKS reviews for 5th, 8th, and Algebra I.

10 stations designed to review the TEKS

Available in Print or a Digital version on Google slides


262 unique activities now available for K-PreCalculus!

Concept Activity Sets to support/extend learning at home.

Digital activity versions added to all individual topic sets.

Math Matters

newsletters with some ideas on teaching various topics

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