About Math Cut Ups...

About me

My name is Kelli Mallory and I am the face behind Integral Mathematics, Inc. and Math Cut Ups activities.

I am a life-long teacher. I have served education in Texas for my entire career and 2021-2022 marks my 27th year serving in some capacity. I have been fortunate enough to have many opportunities as an educator during that time, including serving as a middle & high school teacher, middle school campus administrator, district-level curriculum coordinator, regional mathematics specialist through ESC 10, and state-level assessment specialist with TEA.

I have authored, co-authored, reviewed, and supported many other products and materials beyond my own during this time and have been blessed to spend the last few years growing my own business endeavors while getting to spend more time with my own child. When you support me, through a purchase or attending a presentation, you are supporting my life-long passion to build engaging ways for students to learn mathematics, and you also support my family. THANK YOU!

My Why...

o Teaching is hard work and I want to help teachers to work smarter and more efficiently.

o Teachers don’t have time to create, and to make everything they need and want to teach with; nor do they have the time to research to find it.

o Teachers lack readily available resources they need to make all of their own high-quality, standards-based teaching materials.

o Many teachers don’t realize that their students would learn so much more if they made small changes in the way students interact with content.

o Student Learning isn’t a guaranteed outcome of teaching. I hope through the materials and presentations I make to positively affect the way teachers teach in order to ensure that student learning is more likely to occur.

My Dream…

o I want students to enjoy learning math and to acquire a deeper understanding of math by experiencing it rather than passively interacting with content through traditional models.

o I want teachers to feel the satisfaction of students who not only deeply learn taught mathematics, but also enjoy being in math classrooms and doing the tasks asked of them.

My Mission…

o Integral Mathematics, Inc., exists to serve and support teachers by providing high quality, standards-based mathematics materials and professional learning opportunities that are engaging while challenging, so that they can meet the needs of the students in their classrooms.