Science Cut Ups

Science Cut Ups are hands-on card-based activity materials designed for use with small groups to engage students in thinking about scientific and engineering practices while exploring content within the curriculum.  Each activity is specifically designed around a topic or concept found within the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills.

We believe our materials work well for exploring new concepts and applying new learning but you can use them at multiple points within a 5E lesson. 

Our materials come printed for you on card-stock weight paper, using color printing and paper, with all the materials you need for a whole class to use them - just laminate and cut! 

Science Cut Ups are aligned with the TEKS so choose a level to see which Science Cut Ups are right for you.

*Grades 3-8  and Biology materials are fully updated to the new TEKS for the Fall 2024 implementation.  

Check back soon for new Chemistry and Physics content.